WPC's 2017 Champion of Freedom Award

Each year, Washington Policy Center (WPC) presents our Champion of Freedom award to an honoree in our state that exemplifies what the Columbia River embodies; a mighty river that spans Eastern and Western Washington, symbolizing both natural resources and resourcefulness of the human spirit.  The award is presented to recognize an individual or organization that WPC’s Board of Directors finds to best embody that symbol of the Columbia River as well as these qualities:

  • A belief in ideas and that ideas result in action and in economic and personal freedom. 
  • A belief in the free market and that the role of government should be limited so individuals can flourish in a free society. 
  • And an understanding of the important things in life that lead to success not just for one person but for others.  

The Ackerley Family will be honored with our Annual Champion of Freedom Award for their longstanding commitment to free-market principles that help make our state a better place to live, do business, and raise a family.  Our board carefully selected The Ackerley Family for this award in recognition that their personal and family-based businesses and philanthropy have made significant improvements to the quality of lives for so many in our community.

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Lincoln County Commissioners Rob Coffman, Scott Hutsell, and Mark Stedman, will be honored with our Annual Champion of Freedom Award for their courage in being the first county in the state to “conduct all collective bargaining contract negotiations in a manner that is open to the public” and for “providing public notice of all collective bargaining negotiations in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act.”  Their model legislation is now being followed by governments across the state, bringing transparency to the process and an end to the appearance of secret deal-making.

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